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Current Price of a Forever Stamp is: $0.68

USPS One Ounce Forever Stamp


(rates manually verified by site administrator on April 10, 2024 to ensure accuracy)

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I plan to only send an email when postage rates are changing, so at the most you will only receive one or two emails per year (a week or two before any USPS rate change).

Keep in mind that, when it comes to sending the email notifications, I pay per email address and if the cost to send outweighs the little bit of income this site generates, I may stop sending the emails. However, if that happens, instead of just shutting down I suspect I would first “thin the list” by creating a new list and emailing the original/big list to see who wants to join the new list. Doing so would massively reduce the number of subscribers, which, in turn, would reset and lower my costs and enable me to keep operating.

I previously accepted donations but removed that link in January of 2018. If you want to support the site and reminder emails, the best way is to sign up for a 4-week no-cost trial of (use code STAMPS100 for $100 free bonus in free postage, supplies, and a scale) – note that you can cancel the account at any time if you choose not to continue.